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Our Community

When you commit to NutriSmart in your district, you instantly become part of a team of forward-thinking school nutrition professionals, working toward the same goal of nourishing students through nutritious foods. 

Recipe Advisory Council

The Recipe Advisory Council (RAC) is an advocate group of like-minded food service directors who are working to take programs to the next level. The RAC meets regularly to brainstorm current trends and recipe development to continuously serve delicious menus that students love!

The benefit is that ideas and menus developed by the RAC become available to all NutriSmart members.

Nominations and voting for the RAC occur on an annual basis.

The NutriSmart Core Vision

  • Our recipes are wholesome and fuel healthy lives.

The NutriSmart Core Values:

  • A grateful heart performing meaningful work that helps others

  • Tenacious Leadership

  • A fervent purpose and faith in the vision - School Nutrition 2.0

  • A commitment to balance - imparting effective, quality strategies for school nutrition programs to embrace making the cafeteria and extension of the classroom

  • A spirit of trust, collaboration, and accountability to each other and to the clients we serve

The NutriSmart Objectives:

  • Create recipes

  • Test recipes

  • Conduct student sampling for validation

The RAC Advisory board for the 2019-2020 School Year:

  • Briana Cates, RD, LD - Berea City Schools

  • Bob Gorman - Parma City Schools

  • Dawn Johnson - East Cleveland City Schools

  • Marsha Escola - Jackson Local Schools

  • Jen Rex - Plain Local Schools

  • Diana Hill - Fairview Park City Schools

Event Calendar

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