NutriSmart Menus

Growing Roots Initiative

Core Value: Wholesome Foods Fuel Healthy Lives
At Pisanick Partners, we believe wholesome foods fuel healthy lives. We make it our goal to create nutritious recipes for students using optimally available and quality ingredients. ​In early Spring 2019, we launched our NutriSmart
Growing Roots Menu Pilot and have been substantially monitoring and evaluating the process. The pilot focused on creating opportunities to sample and menu recipes capturing the following three main pillars:

Continuously striving to source quality food ingredients for menus as defined by attributes that include:

  • Little to no processing

  • No pesticides

  • No artificial flavors

  • No artificial ingredients

  • No artificial preservatives

Developing an educated consumer by creating a message on building a relationship between food and health while cultivating a passion for returning to the basics of cooking wholesome foods from scratch, verse focusing on brands and ready-to-eat foods.

Leveraging menu software to provide immediate real-time access and transparency of all ingredients and recipes placed on all menus.


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